Can one person drink at every bar in San Francisco?




Last year I made several different infused alcohols. The left two jars are what is left of the summer drinks- peach and nectarine infused gin and nectarine infused gold rum. The right jar is vanilla extract made with fresh beans and vodka; started in September, this extract finally smells and tastes of decadent vanilla.

The peach and nectarine infusions are too sweet for my taste to drink on their own, (they were made with ripe, in-season fruit,) but they are fantastic in cocktails with no other sweet ingredients. You could use them in most classic gin or rum based cocktails. The vanilla extract I made for cooking, but it can also add warmth to cocktails in small amounts.

My next project will be making my own bitters. Classic cocktails always contain bitters, and making my own will allow me more control over finished drinks. I can’t wait until summer, when there will be more fruit available to use as flavoring. In the meantime, I need to find time for a Rainbow Grocery trip to buy bulk herbs and bitter roots.


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