Can one person drink at every bar in San Francisco?

Casanova Lounge – Mission

Yes, another mis-numbered bar post. In my experience, when it comes to booze against math, booze always prevails. Casanova is actually bar number 107. I have been going to more bars lately, and I should probably be closer to 130 or 140 in posts, but all of my bar trips seem to be spur of the moment, and I’m generally caught without my camera. I’m making a mid year resolution to carry my camera with me more often, so I can share photos of my current bar adventures.

What to say about Casanova? Ridiculously crowded with B&T types on the weekends, busy but fairly chill during the week. Casanova has some brilliant DJ’s throughout the week and a decent sized dance floor on which to boogie. I love that every time I walk into Casanova, the DJ is playing danceable oldies tunes; there is no risk of stumbling into the bar right when someone has just payed $30 to play a whole Kid Rock album off of one of those terrible internet jukeboxes, (unlike some other bars that will remain nameless.)

I have never had anything other than beer or whiskey and cola or ginger at Casanova, so I have no idea what their cocktails are like. I would imagine it’s probably best to stick with the basics though. To be honest, Casanova is never my first stop in an evening, so the details of the bar are nicely fuzzy. What I do remember is that it is always DARK and kind of loud and kind of lovely.

Casanova Lounge

527 Valencia St
(@ 16th Street)
San Francisco, CA 94110

(415) 863-9328


One response

  1. Sean C.

    Over a decade ago, I used to live on this block. Even then the crowd was uhm… iffy… Agreed I would *never* set foot in this place on a weekend especially. As the half fratboy/half B&T crowd is default depressing obnoxious. In the handful of times I only ever went here I can’t complain that I had a bad experience. But in general I would give this place a miss – and head directly to Kilowatt, if I’m back on the block. (Or the old Albion Cocktails if it were still around. Which I sorely miss.)

    June 2, 2012 at 7:06 pm

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