Can one person drink at every bar in San Francisco?

The Buena Vista – Fisherman’s Wharf/ Ghirardelli Square

“Mary Ann Singleton was twenty-five years old when she saw San Francisco for the first time. She came to the city alone for an eight-day vacation. On the fifth night, she drank three Irish coffees at The Buena Vista, realized that her Mood Ring was blue, and decided to phone her mother in Cleveland.”

So begins Tales of the City, the book precious to so many San Francisco transplants. Despite it’s location in the heart of Tourist Land, I knew one day I would have to trace Mary Ann’s steps and have an Irish Coffee at The Buena Vista.

The Buena Vista did not disappoint. It was crowded even at 10:00am, but we scored two seats at the bar with a view of the never ending Irish Coffee action. The salty bar keep lined up the glasses 5 and 10 and a time, quickly making simple, potent, perfect Irish Coffees for both tourists and regular day time drinkers. We didn’t try the food, as that seemed beside the point.

Being a huge fan of Tales of the City definitely added some magic to my visit, but those who aren’t could still bask in the glow of booze history in the bar that made Irish Coffees famous stateside.

The Buena Vista

2765 Hyde St
(@ Beach St)
San Francisco, CA 94109

(415) 474-5044


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