Can one person drink at every bar in San Francisco?

Mr. Lew’s Win Win Bar & Grand Sazerac Emporium

Mr. Lew’s is not what I expected. I had almost given up on any decent bars opening up in the Tenderloin, but Mr. Lew’s is exactly what the neighborhood was missing. The drinks are strong, perfectly balanced, and more affordable than other cocktail focused bars. The bar offers a nightly recession special, a cheep beer with a shot of whiskey at a good discount, an offer that is thankfully becoming more common in San Francisco. What I love most is that there is not a single television at Mr. Lew’s, and the bar is dark as night.

The bar is dropped down so that instead of the always uncomfortable bar stools, patrons can sit in regular chairs and be at eye level with the bartender. I love this setup and wish that more bars would do the same. The night I went, the bartender was playing Magnetic Fields, which was the perfect music to set the mood in the bar. I went somewhat early on a Friday night, and the bar wasn’t crowded at all and my drinks were perfect. The bar is far enough into the heart of the TL that the hard drinking, under 27 crowd of Polk Street doesn’t appear to have found it. If weekend happy hour stays that mellow, I may have to make Mr. Lew’s a regular stop.


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