Can one person drink at every bar in San Francisco?

Sneak Preview- TL Bar Experiment

This is one of the cocktails I created for the backers of my book. I offered to print the recipe for a cocktail named after each person who gave me $100 toward the publishing costs, and that ended up being how I raised half of the money. I spent the last two days completely wrecking my kitchen to create and photograph 14 cocktails. This is one of the fruity ones; I also made savory drinks and some based on classic cocktail recipes.

1oz Silver Tequila
2-3 strawberries
1/2oz fresh lemon juice
1/2tbl honey

Muddle strawberries, lemon juice and honey. Add tequila and ice and shake until chilled. Strain into cocktail glass filled with cracked ice. Garnish with a strawberry.


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