Can one person drink at every bar in San Francisco?

Shanghai Kelly’s – Russian Hill

You either like Irish bars, or you don’t. Except for a few fancy ones, most Irish bars have a lot in common with each other, including interesting crap all over the walls, bad music, sports on the television, strong drinks and a hard drinking bartender. Shanghai Kelly’s has all of these in spades.

The regulars at Shanghai Kelly’s are rough around the edges, but do a few shots of whiskey with them and you’ll make friends for life. The first time I went to this bar, I ended up watching Cash Cab and yelling at the TV with the bartender for hours. Good times.

The bar is pretty basic, but they do offer some house specialty cocktails made with Odwalla Lemonade, including the Gilligan’s Island inspired Ginger and Maryann. I generally go with a simple shot of Jameson, which is always generously poured.

Shanghai Kelly’s

2064 Polk St
(between Pacific Ave & Broadway St)
San Francisco, CA 94109

(415) 771-3300


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