Can one person drink at every bar in San Francisco?

Blur – Polk Street

For some reason Blur really wants to be a lounge. Despite the fact that the space would be so good for a comfy neighborhood bar, the owners of Blur have decided to go with the obligatory loud, terrible music and square ottomans that make a lounge in San Francisco. Luckily, for happy hour the crowd is much more diverse than the average lounge, with a good amount of neighborhood locals. On weekend nights however, this place morphs into just another stop on the giant drunken college kid bar crawl that has developed on the street over the last couple of years. (It’s not Blur’s fault of course. Saturdays on Polk Street have taken on a really obnoxious life of their own.)

Blur’s bar seems to focus on rum, as they have a better selection than most, including The Kraken, Oronoco and Spiced Jack No. 94. The drinks are reasonably priced, and there are 2 for  1 specials during happy hour. The bar does unfortunately have a television, but when I was there last the volume was off and the patrons watching sports were pretty mellow. I’ve never tried the food at Blur, but their kitchen is open 5 – midnight Tuesday through Saturday and serves pizza and wings. For entertainment the bar offers Trivia every Wednesday at 8:00 with cash and drink prizes.

Overall Blur is a decent bar if you can catch it when Polk Street isn’t crazy, and they have some of the better happy hour drink specials, which makes it worth a visit if you are in the ‘hood. And despite the lounge details, the bar is actually kind of beautiful.


1121 Polk St
(between Post St & Hemlock St)
San Francisco, CA 94109
Neighborhood: Civic Center/Tenderloin

(415) 567-1918


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