Can one person drink at every bar in San Francisco?

Route 101

Route 101 is a good, solid bar. No frills, no fancy drinks, no drama. I guess one could classify it as a sports bar, but while there is often sports on the televisions overhead, I have never been to 101 when the volume was actually on, so the game is pretty easy to ignore if you’re not into it. The drinks are strong and cheap, the jukebox has some decent tunes, (along with some terrible ones,) and the locals are friendly enough but more than happy to leave you to yourself if you’re not feeling sociable. If you do feel like making new friends, there is almost always a game or two of billiards going in the back room.

When I was working the Hell Job, I popped into Route 101 at least a couple time a week to decompress. The bartenders didn’t mind us blowing off steam and playing Liars’ Dice for hours on end, and they always seemed to know when we needed one more shot to burn out the memory of the work day.

I love this bar, and I hope it never changes. Route 101 is like your favorite comfy couch that always seems to fit you just right.


One response

  1. Sean C.

    What a great post. Sadly, I’ve only ever popped in here once. But that’s exactly the hunch and vibe I got from the place as well. Jealous that you made it a default pit stop. And agreed that I hope it never changes too.

    October 17, 2010 at 1:03 pm

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