Can one person drink at every bar in San Francisco?

The Mint (#62)- Hayes Valley

(Once again, visiting more than one bar in a night got the best of me, and I duplicated number 61.)

The Mint is often cited as San Francisco’s best karaoke bar. As a 10+ year karaoke veteran, I am not able to give an objective opinion on karaoke bars from the perspective of the average bar patron, but I can see the appeal. First, the negative: like many dedicated karaoke joints, the drinks offered are basic and expensive, and because of The Mint’s popularity you have to get there as early as possible to get any chance at hogging the mic. The Mint is best experienced with a large group of friends who can keep each other entertained during the long waits in between songs.

For the casual karaoke crooner however, the positive aspects should more than make up for these small issues; you can order sushi next door and have it delivered to the bar, the song list is extensive, the bar offers hot toddies to soothe one’s aching vocal chords, the crowd is always lively and supportive and the stage and sound system are fantastic. The best part is knowing you can go to The Mint on any night of the week and be thoroughly entertained by underground divas, fantasy rock stars and the enthusiastically tone deaf.

The Mint

1942 Market St
(between Buchanan St & Duboce Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94102

(415) 626-4726


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