Can one person drink at every bar in San Francisco?

The Orbit Room – Hayes Valley

The Orbit Room is a delightful Market Street bar that serves classic cocktails, many from the Savoy Cocktail book. I was excited to see that in addition to lots of old fashioned drinks with bitters and egg whites there was a shrub cocktail on the menu. The bar itself is a small, almost circular art deco affair with a great antique cash register, (cash only, of course.)

I had a fantastic Sloe Gin Fizz, and while the $10 price did sting a bit, that sting was soothed by the $3 BBQ pork slider with corn chips. In fact, their whole food menu is ridiculously cheap, so if you go there and have a bite, everything balances out.

The crowd was pretty mellow on an early week night, with most people flying solo and reading or talking quietly; the jazz playing was a nice contrast to the typical loud Castro dance music. The Orbit Room is a like a fabulous little oasis.

The Orbit Room

1900 Market St
(between Buchanan St & Duboce Ave)
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 252-9525

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