Can one person drink at every bar in San Francisco?

The Tenderloin Bar Experiment - Book

The book is done! You can buy it here! (Link is fixed.) Thank you again to everyone who backed my project! I have another one in the works!



Move Over Mary- There’s A New Breakfast Drink In Town

Move Over Mary- There's A New Breakfast Drink In Town

Why should Bloody Mary drinkers have all the fun? Martinis can be crammed full of veggies just as easily, and the light taste of gin is quite refreshing in the morning. I made this martini with 1.75oz of gin, .25oz of dry vermouth, .25oz of olive juice, and a splash of peperoncini juice for a slightly spicy kick. I garnished the drink with a peperoncini and garlic stuffed olives. Pickles are also a great alternate garnish for martinis.

Sour Beers


Sour beers are full of flavor with a refreshing tang replacing the more usual bitterness of hoppy ales. If you aren’t sure where to begin with sour beers, ask the barkeep of any bar with a good beer list for a recommendation. Hi-Lo Club on Polk Street has several great options, including Bellegems Bruin pictured above. The Jug Shop on Russian Hill has four glorious shelves of sour brews, including Pink Drank, an aged sour beer from Oakland made with cherries that has a complex, woody/sour taste.


Negroni and a good book. Celebrating the last day of my job.

Bay Summer Cocktail No. 1

Bay Summer No. 1

This year’s unusually sunny and warm weather in San Francisco is making me crave tropical cocktails. Since Smuggler’s Cove isn’t open for breakfast, (I’m a big fan of eye-opener cocktails on the weekends,) I came up with a tiki cocktail of my own that is easy to make and refreshing on hot days.

Bay Summer Cocktail No. 1

1 oz Don Q silver rum

1/2 oz Kraken dark rum

1/2 oz Chartreuse

2 oz Pineapple juice

1/2 oz Lime juice

1 tsp Homemade aprium preserves (The apriums I used have a strong jasmine note when cooked into preserves, but you could substitute high quality apricot jam.)

1 Small apricot, chopped

Dash of aromatic bitters

Muddle the preserves and apricot in a cocktail shaker. Add all other ingredients plus ice and shake until frothy and chilled. Serve with an apricot slice garnish.

The Last Word

The Last Word

One of the bartenders at Hi-Lo recommended The Last Word to me the other night, and I had forgotten what a lovely, bracing drink it is. I decided to make one for myself this morning, as the invigorating nature of the drink makes it a great eye-opener cocktail. While The Last Word usually calls for lime juice, I only have lemons on hand. I have to say the difference is barely noticeable underneath the assertive herbiness of the Chartreuse.

The Last Word

(These are the proportions I prefer and are not necessarily true to the classic. Some recipes call for equal parts of all ingredients, but I just can’t drink that much Luxardo.)

1 oz Hendrick’s gin

3/4 oz Chartreuse

1/4 oz Luxardo

Juice of one fresh lemon

Shake all ingredients with ice until very cold and strain into a cocktail glass.


Update: Julips on Demand


Success! Now I can have mint julips whenever I like without having to pick more leaves off of my poor little mint plant, (shown in the background.) I infused the fresh mint in Bulleit Rye for 3 days. The mint flavor is VERY strong. I think next time I will use a bit less mint and only infuse it for 2 days. One important detail of mint julips that people overlook is the crushed ice. It’s not really the texture of the ice that is so essential, it is the amount of water that is released into the drink. If you don’t feel like beating a bag of ice to make this cocktail authentic, just stir the rye with ice until chilled and add about 1/2 an ounce of cold water to the finished coktail. And don’t forget the sugar! Both sugar and water can really bring out the flavors in drinks. Without them, this can taste a bit like mouthwash.

The Innsmouth Sidecar

Not for the faint of heart:


1 1/2 oz Kraken rum

1 oz Grade B maple syrup

Fresh juice of 1 lemon

Dash of amarreto

Shake all ingredients with ice until chilled and serve in a jelly glass.

“In his house at R’lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming.”



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